November 12, 2020

Best Advent Calendar 2020

With so many fabulous advent calendars out there we are delighted that ours has received such fabulous recognition! Thanks to Forbes Magazine for their reveiw and also ranking us as one of the best advent calendars available! Here's what they've got to say: 'With plenty of Alcoholic Advent calendars to choose from, the calendar from Cheshire-based Riverside Spirits, is one of the most appealing. Behind the attractive exterior are 24 mini bottles of five cl bottles of the full range of the company’s liqueurs. Gluten free and vegan friendly, the delicious flavors include all the spirits such as rose vodka shimmer liqueur, gunpowder whisky liqueur, fig rum liqueur, passion fruit gin liqueur, sloe gin liqueur and many more.' Admittedly, there isn't a 5cl of the Gunpowder Whisky in t...

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October 31, 2020

We Have A Winner

We actually have 2 winners. A huge thank you to everyone that took part in our Win a Gin Advent Calendar competition on Facebook and Instagram. Yes, it does seem to early to be thinking about Christmas with Halloween not even out of the way yet, but this only gives us a short time to verify winners, get address details and post out the Advent Calendars to the lucky winners in time for the start of December. Congratulations to Carol Smith, our Facebook winner and Greig Spencer, our Instagram winner! Keep your eyes peeled for further competitions....

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October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween

It's close to midnight And something evil's lurking in the dark Under the moonlight You see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream But terror takes the sound before you make it You start to freeze As horror looks you right between the eyes You're paralyzed
'Cause this is thriller, thriller night And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike You know it's thriller, thriller night You're fighting for your life inside a killer thriller tonight, yeah
Michael Jackson - Thriller

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October 10, 2020


Congratulations to Lauren and Jose on their marriage! May you have a wonderful future together. Thank you for letting us be part of your big day with our Violet Shimmer Gin Liqueur as part of your celebrations. Also, thanks to Samantha Jayne Photography for the pictures....

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